How to install Wire Elements Pro

Learn everything there is to know on how to install Wire Elements Pro.

To install Wire Elements Pro you will need to purchase a license. Already got a license? Great! Thank you for your support 🙌🏻 Let’s continue.

Requirements for Livewire v3

Upgrading from Livewire v2? Check the upgrade guide for more information.

Requirements for Livewire v2

Configure Composer Repository

Wire Elements Pro is distributed via Unlock, a private PHP package repository. In order to install Wire Elements Pro you must add the following repository to your composer.json:

2 "repositories": [
3 {
4 "type": "composer",
5 "url": ""
6 }
7 ],

Add the wire-elements-pro repository to your list of repositories.

Once you’ve added the repository you can run the require command: composer require wire-elements/pro. You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter the email you used during the registration at Unlock and enter your license key as the password.

Lost your license key? Log in to the customer portal to see your licenses.

Demo repository

You can find a repository with some code examples here.

Register Service Provider

By default, Laravel will automatically register the service provider so you only need to follow this step if you have disabled auto-discovery.

2 /*
3 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
4 | Autoloaded Service Providers
5 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
6 |
7 | The service providers listed here will be automatically loaded on the
8 | request to your application. Feel free to add your own services to
9 | this array to grant expanded functionality to your applications.
10 |
11 */
13 'providers' => [
14 // ...
15 WireElements\Pro\WireElementsProServiceProvider::class,
16 ]

Register the WireElementsPro service provider in your config/app.php.

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